20 Aprile 2021
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My leather corner is an online store dedicated to the sale of original and exclusive leathers to be used in the sectors of footwear, luggage, leather goods, furniture

Our leathers are also suitable for binding albums or books, creating objects such as wallets, saddles, harnesses, bracelets, masks, armor and accessories for historical re-enactments, leather whips, bracelets, earrings, trays, holsters and linings, sandals, boxes, objects holders, magazine racks, motorcycle bags, cases, hunting items and all the small objects in general.

Industry experts, DIY enthusiasts and leather artisans who want to create a unique product can choose and purchase exclusive quality leather on this portal, with no minimum order and at truly affordable prices.

The supplying company stands out, in fact, in the quality of the handcrafted vegetable production, the experience of two generations combined with the modern evolution of the tanning processes, has led to the careful and scrupulous creation of a leather suitable for a consumer attentive to detail " naturally sought after ", always in total respect for the environment.

All leathers comply with REACH regulations.

​(The producer company is part of the "Consorzio Vera Pelle Conciata al Vegetale” which guarantees the absolute peculiarity, versatility of use and uniqueness of the product.)

There are many good reasons to buy in our online store:

- Variety of choice
- Leather versatility
- No minimum order
- Prompt delivery
- Fast Shipping
- Payment with a click
- Customer care

Orice s.r.l.

The tannery Orice s.r.l. began its activity in January 1980, specializing in the production of bovine leather, in particular, vegetable-tanned shoulders to be used in the footwear industry, with the aim of entering the market with a particular and unique product, for its naturalness and spontaneity: the Vacchetta.

This type of leather produced for the first time in the early 1920s and abandoned by tanneries in favor of chromium, was then recovered by Orice s.r.l.

Over the years, thanks to a long experience of craftsmanship and a firm dedication of the staff assigned to their work, combined with the modern evolution of the tanning processes, has perfected, being able to offer the customer something "Naturally sought after" to then propose to the final consumer always in total respect for the environment


The variety of our products, made on the shoulders always tanned with extracts of plant nature ranges from the now considered timeless products of its kind, to the most modern and daring. In contact with the main brands and employing an internal team supported by stylists, we constantly work in research in order to offer our customers quality products, always at the forefront, and immutable for their value.

In addition to the smooth natural Vacchetta so unique for its appearance, its softness and its roundness, the Orice is able to offer a series of items ranging from refined to aniline, to greased, aged buffers, to antique stains, to waxes; seizing a perfect meeting point between modern taste and ancient mastery.

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